Top of the chest through the pelvis can be performed in 15 seconds. The table moves continuously through the machine during the scan. viagra diabetes side effects The entire test takes only a few minutes to perform. Reading of the cat scan: in individuals with ovarian cancer, the radiologist looks for spread of disease beyond the ovaries. viagra online The location and size of the tumor masses in the abdomen and pelvis is given to the gynecologist. This information can be used to help plan the surgery and to decide if chemotherapy should be given before the surgery. After the initial surgery, ct, along with other tests, can be used to see if there is a recurrence of the tumor.        the ovarian cancer itself usually appears as a large ovarian mass with cystic or fluid filled areas and solid areas. overnight generic viagra The solid areas can enhance or look bright with intravenous contrast. generic viagra canada The tumor can spread into all areas of the abdomen and pelvis and appears as masses on the surfaces of the liver, spleen and intestines. These masses can be as large as several centimeters or as small as a few millimeters. Like the mass in the ovary, they look like solid areas of tissue or fluid filled areas. The lesions that are tiny can look like tiny spots in the fat over the bowel. viagra with young men Generalized fluid in the abdomen or ascites is also often present when the tumor has spread beyond the ovaries.        tumor can also spread to the lymph nodes causing them to increase in size. Masses can also be seen in organs such as the liver and lungs and there can also be increased fluid around the lungs. For more information: if you have any other questions or questions at the time of the study, speak to the ct technologist or the radiologist. Additional information can also be obtained from the american college of radiology and radiologic society of north america combined website for patients - www. Radiologyinfo. Org. viagra price canada    other hopkins web sites... - alzheimer's disease - autoimmune disease - barrett's esophagus - bile duct cancer - bladder cancer - breast cancer - colon cancer - gallbladder cancer - liver cancer - gynecologic oncology - pancreatic cancer - hopkins cancer center       we subscribe to the honcode principles. Verify copyright © 2000-2012 johns hopkins university. All rights reserved. india generic viagra online pharmacy Disclaimer & privacy    last mod. viagra for sale