Ittle more estrogen. This appointment is also your first opportunity since your hospitalization to ask questions about what happened during surgery. daily viagra high blood pressure Certainly you us and talked to us in the hospital, but a lot of people don’t remember the details of that discussion. This is the time to ask any questions that you are unclear about as far as what was found, what was done, and what you should expect. buy viagra canada This is particularly relevant if the procedure you actually had was not the procedure you planned to have. We will also discuss the final pathology report. It’s not unusual for the biopsy results from your uterus and /or ovaries to get to your doctor days after you have left the hospital. Certainly, if anything serious such as an unsuspected malignancy was detected, you would already have been notified, so you shouldn’t be nervous about this report. viagra mg difference Frequently though, benign findings that were unanticipated may have been found, such as endometriosis, or an ovarian cyst. cheap viagra without prescription If you are curious what your uterus weighed, that is usually included on the report. Inevitably, you will be disappointed. buy viagra sydney australia Six-week visit the six-week visit is generally the final visit. Expect a pelvic exam, which will be no more uncomfortable than the usual pelvic exam. viagra canada reputable If all is well, you will be told to resume all normal activities, including sex, exercise and pretty much anything else you can think of. In general, you won’t need a return visit until it is time for your annual gynecologic exam speaking of annual gynecologic exam, do you still need to see your gynecologist after a hysterectomy? What is there to check for anyway? buy viagra cheap The answer is yes, absolutely, you do. viagra use instructions If you still have a cervix, you need an annual pap smear. If you still have ovaries, those need to be checked. generic viagra without prescription If you have no uterus, cervix, or ovaries, you’re still not off the hook. Your gynecologist is the expert who will deal with hormone replacement, or alternatives, if you choose not to take hormones. Your gynecologist will be the only one of your physicians who puts a speculum in your vagina to screen for vaginal cancer and look at your vulva to check for vulvar cancer. viagra without prescription The bimanual exam (one hand o. buy viagra sydney australia